Redfish Rodeo Tournament
This site is for an invitation-only ladies' fishing tournament held annually in South Padre Island. The site features a password-protected members-only section where anglers and sponsors can:
  • Register online for the event.
  • View tournament photos, news and regulations, and more.
  • Complete a satisfaction survey.
A secure administration site allows tournament directors to review online registrations, print mailing labels, and export data to Excel.

Survey results are compiled in real-time, and visible in either aggregate/chart form or as individual responses.  
Sportsman's Finest
This site features an online Content Management System to allow staff with no knowledge of HTML to manage and update the website via any browser. Staff can also manage their mailing list and send newsletters online, saving valuable time.

Visitors can request products via a quick buy-now link. (See our eStore portfolio for examples of full e-commerce sites.) rates major e-commerce sites with regard to transaction security and financial viability. This site uses ASP (Active Server Pages) and database technologies to search and display information on the 311+ companies currently rated (11/99). An ASP application also determines whether the company has a screen capture image on file, and alternatively displays it or a place-holder graphic. Staff are automatically notified by email of any needed graphics. This site uses 2 ASP pages to display 8 pages worth of information about each of the 311 rated companies. It would have taken nearly 2500 static html pages to display the same information. 
ETS ETS-Lindgren
ETS-Lindgren (Formerly EMC Test Systems) is one of the world's largest distributors for EMC testing equipment with distribution to more than thirty countries. Key website features include: Online Employment Application System, interactive database design, site navigation, 'Find a Distributor Near You' section, and private newsletter and discussion groups.
EMC Test Systems ETS - New Look 7/15/99
In preparation for the Seattle IEEE EMC Society Symposium, August 2-6 1999, we gave the ETS website a face-lift.  We added new content, improved the navigation, and upgraded the site to ColdFusion.

New feature (12/99): Now you can order calibration services online through a customized ColdFusion ecommerce application!
Scientific Systems, Inc. Scientific Systems, Inc.
Scientific Systems is a manufacturer's representative for EMC Test Equipment.  They also perform market studies and maintain a worldwide database of EMC Test Facilities.   This site features a searchable database with paging search results.  A secure section offers subscribers additional information about each company in the database.   This site was completely revised by FlatwareMedia Designs.

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